21st Century Racism: Coming Through the Storm

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International Black Women’s Congress

37th Annual Conference (Virtual)

21st Century Racism: Coming Through the Storm


Saturday, September 25, 2021: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Sunday, September 26, 2021: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm


Plenary Session Topics and Speakers:


Saturday, September 25, 2021


Welcome and Charge


Health Disparities: Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired 

Chair: Linda James Myers, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology and African American Studies, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Jacqueline S. Ryan, MD., Medical Hospitalist, Anne Arundel Medical Center, Annapolis, MD

Tamika Thomas, Psy.D., Professor, Department of Psychology, Cheney State University, Cheney, PA

Barbara C. Wallace, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and Professor, Health Education, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY

Natacha Zamor, BSN, Founder, Orijin Foundation and TampaBay Afrofit™, Tampa. FL



The Miseducation of Black Folks: Critical Race Theory, Historical Erasure and Distortion

Chair: Sharon Brown Bailey, Ph.D., Ombudswoman for Denver Public Schools and Past National President, International Black Women’s Congress, Denver, CO

Betty Dopson, Co-Founder, Committee to Eliminate Media Offensive to African People (CEMOTAP), Girard, OH

Joyce E. King, Ph.D., Professor Benjamin E. Mays Endowed Chair and Professor, Educational Policy Studies, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

Tahiya McCoy Nyahuma, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Sociology, Rowan University and Co-Founder, HealthLink International, Philadelphia, PA



Keynote Speaker

Introduction of Speaker: La Francis Rodgers-Rose, Ph.D., Public Sociologist and Founder, International Black Women’s Congress, Norfolk, VA


Rhonda V. Sharpe, Ph.D., Founder, Women’s Institute for Science, Equity and Race (WISER) and Past President, National Economic Association , Mechanicsville, VA



ONI Award Program



Black Lives Matter Too: The Criminal Injustice System

Chair: D. Kim Thompson-Gaddy, National Environmental Justice Director, Clean Water Action, Newark, NJ

Angeline Butler, Adjunct Professor, African American Studies, John Jay College for Criminal Justice, New York, NY

Bernadette Holmes, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Sociology, Norfolk State University, Norfolk, VA

Tia Ryans, Founder and Executive Director, FORTE House, Forcing Out Recidivism Through Education, Newark, NJ



Breakout session



Sunday, September 26, 2021


9:30am-9:45am                         Welcome


Time for Good Trouble: Jim Crow 2.0, Voter Suppression and Political Repression 

Chair: Willa M. Hemmons, Ph.D., J.D., Professor Emeritus, Criminal Justice Department, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH

Gervonn Romney-Rice, Councilwoman, Teaneck, NJ

Charlene Sinclair, Ph.D., Director, Reinvestment for the Center for Community Change and Organizer for the Black PAC, New York, NY

Representative Able Mable Thomas, Georgia General Assembly, Atlanta, GA

Lawrence “Larry” Hamm, Founder and Chair, People Organization for Progress (POP), Newark, NJ



Sunday Morning Inspirational Panel – Coming Through the Storm: Generational Voices

Chair: Rev. Patricia Pettway, M.Div., Associate Minister, Refuge Community Church, Austell, GA

Rev. Nicole Charles, Social Support Coordinator for Bergen County, Bergen County Department of Health, Teaneck, NJ

Rosalind Jeffries, Ph.D., Director, New York School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

Razan T. Rodgers, MG, Deeper Fellowship Church, Philadelphia, PA


The International Black Women’s Congress (IBWC), founded in 1983, is an international, non-profit networking organization. We seek to build bridges uniting women of African descent. IBWC is concerned with the growing poverty and negative stereotypes of Black women in the 21st century. It is obvious that Black women must define themselves from their own perspectives. The International Black Women’s Congress believes that we must build an African centered view of womanhood–a model that speaks to the multifaceted roles that Black women continue to play. We hold yearly national conferences on critical issues impacting women of African ancestry and develop local programs with members in thirty-five states.

Conference Content: Five Plenary Sessions; Keynote Speaker; More than 20 Outstanding Presenters; Award Ceremony; Sunday Morning Inspiration

Online Registration Information: This is our 2nd virtual conference due to the pandemic.  We look forward to having our next conference in person in 2022. 

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Address: 1401 Tidewater Drive Suite 10   Norfolk, VA 23504

For Info call 757- 625-0500     

Email: ibwc1609@cs.com  Website:  www.ibwc.us

Conference Focus

This year’s conference will focus on racism in the 21st century and address what is prevalent today and how we move forward to bring about justice and equality on many spectrums.  Since the middle passage our existence in theses United States have been fraught with inhumane treatment and cruelty.  We have experienced the horrors of nearly 250 years of the harshest form of slavery known in history and another 150 years of lynching, Jim Crowism, forced segregation, and economic apartheid.  We have persevered and made substantial gains as a people.  Since emancipation we have fought to overcome institutional racism in the form of inequalities, health disparities, substandard educational opportunities, and under representation in our policy making institutions.  Now, with urgency in the 21st century,  we have an insurgence of efforts to keep us underrepresented in the voting process and erase our history in schools.  During this conference we will discuss the present forms of racism that we face as a community.  We will also reflect on our history to guide us as we discuss and develop strategies for moving forward.  Our cohesiveness and steadfastness will be the key to our “Coming Through the Storm”.

More than 20 scholars and community activists will focus on 21st century racism and how we come through the storm. Some of them are: Dr. La Francis Rodgers-Rose, Dr. Joyce King, Betty Dopson, Charlene Sinclair, Angeline Butler, Dr. Rhonda V. Sharpe, Dr. Jackie Ryan , Dr. Rosalind Jeffries, Dr. Linda James Myers, Dr. Tahiya Mc Coy Nyahuma, Dr. Sharon Bailey Brown, Dr. Bernadette Holmes, Tia Ryans, Lawrence Hamm,  Rep. “Able” Mabel Thomas, Dr. Tamika Thomas, Dr. Barbara Wallace, Henry D. Rose, Segun Shabaka, and more.

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