Help Save a Life Today

Even the smallest donation can help in the biggest way!

You Can Save a Life

For the last 15 years, IBWC has not only been working to empower the community, we’ve also been working to save lives.

Each year we hold our Legacy Heart Gala, an event created to raise money and bring awareness to organ donation.

Did you know that every day 22 people die waiting for a transplant? Just one donor can save 8 lives and drastically change the lives of more than 50 people.

Almost anyone can be a donor, regardless of age or medical history.

Dr. La Francis Rodgers-Rose is a proud organ recipient. She received a heart transplant several years ago, and wishes to help others who are still waiting.

Attending the annual Legacy heart gala is a great way to honor those who are still waiting, those who continue to recover, and to do something amazing for your community. Won’t you join us?

Tickets for the event will go on sale soon. Be sure to sign up for our email alerts to get more information about this event and more.