35th Annual Conference September 20-22

This conference will address the question of what is between the dash for Black women in America since making the inhuman middle passage across the Atlantic Ocean and arriving at Fort Monroe, Virginia in 1619 until 2019. What have been the horrors of nearly 250 years of the harshest form of slavery known in history and another 150 years of lynching, Jim Crowism, forced segregation, economic apartheid and white privilege? At the same time, the conference will affirm the African roots that helped Black women to survive, create families and create the only original culture in America. It will also affirm the importance of ancestors and perseverance.

More than 30 scholars and community activists will focus on telling the true story of “Black Lives Between the Dash”. Some of them are: La Francis Rodgers-Rose, Safiya Bandele, Gloria Browne-Marshall, Jacqualyn F. Greene, Rosalind Jeffries, Linda James Myers, Diedre Badjo, Henry D. Rose, Michele Balamani, Maxine Mimms and Segun Shabaka.They are the true storytellers of our history.